Top Tips for a Budget Friendly Vegan Holiday


Today – Top Tips for a Budget Friendly Vegan Holiday

From sunny beach holidays to snowy ski resorts, going on holiday is no doubt one of the most exciting events booked into our calendars. With so many things to consider when booking however, it can be hard to find the right holiday at the right price, especially when you are a vegan.

Veganism is now more popular than ever, and with more places catering for the lifestyle, there are also many vegan friendly holiday options such as vegan cruises, vegan-friendly airlines and even vegan resorts. But these options often come with a high price tag, as well as restricting you to specific destinations and activities, often taking away the freedom of a self-planned break. Well, with the following tips you can now book your very own, hassle-free vegan holiday on a budget.

Budget Friendly Vegan Holiday

Top Tips for a Budget Friendly Vegan Holiday


  • Do Your Research

Whether you already have a destination in mind or are starting from scratch, researching the place your looking to visit is essential. For anyone looking to travel on a budget, researching where you want to go can already save you a fortune, and for those with special dietary requirements it can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. You can search online for the best vegan holiday destinations, or if you already have your place in mind, browse the best veggie and vegan friendly hotels online.

  • Plan Your Journey

After researching your holiday destination and finding the perfect place to stay, organising as much as you can beforehand, is always a good idea. From booking your airport parking early to save time and money, to checking out the airline you are travelling with to see if they cater for vegans, it’s often the little things which catch us out when booking a budget holiday. Don’t get caught out and plan as much as possible before you start your adventure.


  • Learn Simple Phrases & Ask Questions

If you are travelling somewhere where you don’t speak the language, there is always the possibility of running into problems. Whether it be getting lost, overspending on something or being unsure whether your meal is vegan or not, communication issues can put a strain on a great holiday. Be sure to pick up a handy language guide before you go and learn simple phrases in case you get stuck. The Vegan Society offer a Vegan Passport so you can learn how to ask a number of questions to ensure you don’t get caught out!


  • Discover the Hidden Gems

Many popular holiday destinations have a variety of exciting activities and tourist attractions which cater to travellers around the world. However, by only exploring the hidden gems of your chosen city instead of the large attractions, you can not only save money but also avoid running into potential ethical pitfalls. For ethical vegans and a lot of animal lovers in general, many popular attractions such as Bull Fighting in Spain or SeaWorld in Orlando involve practices they don’t want to support. However, by researching local villages, natural wonders and lesser known activities you can enjoy an affordable and ethical holiday.

Planning a getaway always takes a bit of research, especially when booking an affordable holiday. With the added aspect of travelling as a vegan, it can be hard not only to find places to suit your budget and dietary needs, but also to step out of your comfort zone. However, with a bit of research, a few phrases under your belt and thinking outside the box, booking a vegan holiday is much more affordable and accessible than ever before; and can make for one hell of a great adventure.



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