Food & Dating Whilst Social Distancing

I have been pondering food and dating whilst social distancing.


Dating Whilst Social Distancing



Food has always been integral to dating, It has always been such an easy way to spend time with someone without it feeling awkward. Many of my dates in the past have centred around food. Picnics are my particular favourite form of foodie dating closely followed by a lovely meal in a candlelit restaurant.

Even just sharing popcorn with a first date at the cinema has its own kind of special romance.

Over the centuries food and romance have always gone hand in hand with each other.


Dating whilst social distancing

Times have been difficult lately for people on the hunt for love. Single people will have spent many, many, many hours alone luving their entire life online not even able to see extended l family let alone start dating. Thank goodness for internet dating hey! This is where it has really come into its own. Sites like Match Me Happy haven’t stopped operating because of lockdown, in fact, they have been super busy. Here are some reasons why:

1) People have more time on their hands than usual

2) Living life online and connecting with people online has become the norm during the lockdown

3) We are all far more comfortable now with Skype and Zoom than ever we were

4) People have been lonely

5) Money has been tight for most people during the lockdown and free dating has proven a great way to be entertained on a budget and to add interest to groundhog days!

6) It’s actually a really good idea to spend time getting to know someone well before you meet in the flesh and decide how you feel based on the attraction between you. Internet dating in the time of lockdown has allowed that time for a deeper and more meaningful relationship to form before a meeting occurs.


Foodie lockdown dates

Here are some ideas for foodie lockdown dates that are fun and social and just that tiny bit romantic too.



  • A socially distanced picnic is perfectly possible especially if both of you bring your own food along. But how about being a bit more creative than that and thinking outside of the box
  • You could both cook the same recipe whilst chatting online and sit down to eat it together whilst still talking. Wouldnt that be sweet?
  • Or perhaps you could treat yourselves and order takeaways to arrive at the same time and eat them whilst chatting?
  • Or could you make a batch of cookie or brownies or perhaps even scones for your new love interest and pop them in the post. I bet that would go down a treat.
  • Maybe you could put them a little package together of retro sweets that you both loved in your childhood?
  • If you get really close and are feeling VERY generous you could even perhaps make them a food hamper of all their favourite things.


Lockdown may have been tricky for single people in particular but when it comes to love and romance it had been a time of many new beginnings and a whole lot of creative dating (and inventive foodie fun.)

I do hope you have enjoyed this post on Food & Dating Whilst Social Distancing – do you have any lockdown dating stories to share?


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