The Best Online Indian Cooking Course by Vineet Bhatia

Are you looking for the best online Indian cooking course?

I love to learn new things and I love to learn from the comfort of my own home, in the evening or at the weekend in my PJ’s. But I am sometimes sceptical about the quality of an online course as they can be hard to check before you buy in. This is why I love the course I am going to tell you about today. It is hosted by the BBC. Now isn’t that reassuring?  And even more reassuringly it is presented by none other than India’s first Michelin starred chef, Vineet Bhatia.

Impressive right? (he actually now has 2 Michelin stars!)

In the course Vineet teaches the fundamentals of modern Indian cooking in 30 easy to follow lessons.


Best Online Indian Cooking Course


Join Vineet Bhatia as he takes you through 30 easy to follow lessons that will transform your approach to Indian food. With his modern take on the cuisine, this comprehensive course will teach you how to elevate the classics, as well as learn key techniques to help you build spice profiles, master the use of oils and cook the perfect rice. All his recipes are broken down into simple steps in the course notes, and you can follow each lesson at your own pace

You can simply relax at home and follow Vineet on a culinary journey across the streets of India as you learn how to cook authentic Indian food. There really could not be a better teacher could there?

Take a look here for more detail about this fabulous online Indian Cooking Course


BBC Maestro

The course is hosted by BBC Maestro which I urge you to check out if you love learning, especially about food! BBC Maestro host a collection of amazing courses by world leaders.

A single course is £80 for you to download and watch as often as you like with course notes and exercises too, which is incredible value. But even more incredible is the fact you can spend £55 and have every course on the platform at your disposal for a year. Isn’t that simply amazing?

There are some superstar maestro’s on board indeed.

You can learn poetry from Carol Any Duffy, writing for kids from Julia Donaldson, business from Peter Jones, songwriting from Gary Barlow or cooking from Marco Pierre White!  And there are many more courses by many more experts to take a look at.

How awesome to be taught by the worlds best and what an outstanding gift this would make indeed!



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