How to Create a Sweet Platter

Do you long to know how to create a sweet platter but aren’t sure where to start?

Creating a colourful and tasty sweet platter is the perfect treat for guests and it can be relatively inexpensive and easy to put together.

As the saying goes, ‘we eat with our eyes first’ so as long as your sweets platter is filled with a variety of sweets, colours, shapes and sizes then you really can’t go wrong.

Kathryn Hague from Wholesale Sweets said: “Summer is here and it’s the perfect season for hosting which is why we want to help people create some gorgeous sweet platters for their guests no matter the occasion.

“Sweet platters are a great addition to any gathering, they’re fun, colourful and you can leave them on the table for your guests to help themselves.They don’t take too long to make either, once you’ve thought about your theme and the kind of sweets you want, the rest of the process is pretty creative and it’s all up to you.Popular sweets to have on your sweet platter include things like Twirl bars, Biscoff spread, bright coloured marshmallows, Love Hearts and pick n mix sweets.A sweet platter will definitely be a favourite at any sort of garden party or event you’re having, it’ll look amazing and it will taste even better.”


How to Create a Sweet Platter:

Consider your theme

Depending on what you’re hosting, you may want to go for a colour theme. If you’re throwing something like a bridal shower or engagement party you might want to consider a gold and white theme. Or if you’re hosting a gender reveal or baby shower, use blue and pink sweets!


Huge thanks to Red Ted Art for the photo – check out her blog for Halloween party food and easter treat ideas!


Make a list

Before you start making our sweet platter it’s a good idea to think about what you want on it. This way you can make a list of everything you need to avoid over buying. You’ll want a mix of treats – sweet and savoury, big and small and different shapes! Places like TikTok and Instagram will give you some major inspiration.


Grab a serving platter

Ideally you want a large and flat serving platter, the bigger it is, the more yummy treats you can fit on there. If you don’t have a serving platter there are other things you can use like a pastry board or a chopping board.


Add small bowls

Including a few small bowls on your platter will help break it up and it’s a lot more practical for including things like Biscoff spread, Nutella and smaller sweets.


Start with the larger items

Start placing some of the larger items around the board, these will stick out the most to your guests. Then you can go ahead and fill in all the gaps with smaller sweets and snacks. As you fill the board, try to keep contrasting the colours to keep the board looking as bright and diverse as possible.


Don’t unwrap all of the items

It may be more practical to keep things like chocolate and lollipops wrapped. You may also want to keep sweets with bright packaging wrapped up, this way you can take advantage of their colours and it will add to the appearance of your board.


Don’t forget utensils

It’s important to make everything accessible for your guests so have a think and see if anything on your platter requires a utensil. For example if you have something like Biscoff spread on your board, you may want to add a mini butter knife.


Dig in!

Once your platter is complete, your guests won’t be able to stop coming back for some yummy sweet treats!


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