10 Viral Tiktok Recipes to Make in 10 Minutes – Easy!

10 easy  viral TikTok recipes to recreate in 10 minutes – are you ready?

Crafty cooks are being offered budget friendly TikTok recipes which can be made in 10 minutes or less. The frugal experts at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk have researched 10 popular meals which work for any occasion.

With the prices of food shopping increasing, people have turned to social media to find affordable ingredients which they can quickly dish up into a meal.

Some of these genius ideas involve putting pizza wraps in the toastie maker and making a chocolate mug cake in the microwave. it’s fun to keep up with food trends

Here are the top 10 easy to make TikTok recipes:


Viral Tiktok Recipes

Cheesy garlic bread toast

For a great late-night snack, melt some butter in the microwave, add garlic to the butter, spread it on the bread and then sprinkle with parsley, cheese and chilli flakes. Then put in the oven until golden brown.

Pizza wraps

For pizza with a twist, get a wrap, divide it into four quarters, then cover it with marinara sauce and your favourite toppings. Then pop it into a toaster maker and it’ll be cooked in 8 minutes!

Gigi Hadid pasta

Think about a celebrity version of a penne alla vodka pasta. The viral pasta recipe made famous by supermodel Gigi Hadid, involves pasta, tomato puree, double cream, butter, garlic, onions, vodka (optional) and a splash of pasta water after everything has been mixed.

Chocolate mug cake

It’s a simple three-piece ingredient trick. Grab a mug, crack one egg then grab a fork and beat the egg. Then add two tablespoons of cocoa powder and a quarter cup of powdered sugar and blend them together. Give it a final mix then microwave for 60 seconds and that’s it!

Gourmet egg and (veggie) bacon toastie

This recipe is a tasty hack to a much-loved toastie. You need to fry some bacon to start and then get creative with the bread. Press down circles in the bread and spread butter on the back. Then crack an egg in the circle and fry the toastie to golden brown perfection.

Spicy Asian cucumber salad

This viral TikTok favourite is a healthy cheap option which is perfect for a light snack. All you need is a few simple ingredients: garlic, green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chilli oil and of course a cucumber. All you need to do is chop the cucumber in spirals and then season away!


Viral Tiktok Recipes

Garlic butter chilli spaghetti

To cut out the prices of pasta sauces, creating a simple homemade recipe for scratch can create some delicious spaghetti with a kick. All you’ll need is butter, garlic gloves, spring onions, some chilli flakes and the main ingredient – spaghetti.

Feta and egg breakfast

This quick and easy breakfast only needs a fried egg, feta cheese, chilli flakes and some toast. Tomatoes are an optional option to add some more flavour.

Cucumber sushi

Even Kendall Jenner would be able to cut up some cucumber sushi. All you have to do is cut the inside of a cucumber and fill with rice, avocado and any other optional filling. Then slice it up into small circles and get some soy sauce to dip them into.

Lazy Fajitas

If you want to save extra pennies, freeze some tofu and vegetables beforehand and then fry them together in the pan. Add some seasoning such as paprika, parsley and salt. Once fried in 10 minutes, get the wraps out and fill them up with a range of sauces.

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Viral Tiktok Recipes – worth a try?


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