5 Best UK Vacation Spots for Vegans

Did you know that Blackpool is among the best UK vacation spots for vegans

  • UK’s fastest-growing travel agent loveholidays has revealed the best abroad and staycation / vacation hotspots for vegetarians and vegans
  • Searches for ‘how to eat vegan whilst on holiday’ have increased by +100% over the past 12 months*
  • Vegan influencers share tips on how to best keep to a plant-based diet whilst travelling

It’s estimated that 7% of the UK population follow a vegetarian diet, and whilst that may not seem like a lot, that’s actually over 5 million people – with a further 4% considering themselves vegan*.


Best UK Vacation spots for vegans

Best UK Vacation spots for vegans

No matter what your choice in diet is, everybody deserves to eat well on their holidays and it’s no secret that following a vegetarian or vegan diet whilst travelling can sometimes be tricky, especially if you consider yourself a foodie.

Travel experts at loveholidays have revealed which of 2023’s best overseas and staycation destinations are the best for vegetarian and vegan foodies, not only looking at the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants but also how many are rated 4 stars and above.

Barcelona has been revealed as the best city break for vegetarian foodies

Location Number of Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants The % of Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants That Are 4* And Above
Barcelona 2715 98%
New York 2695 94%
Las Vegas 829 92%
Marrakech 329 91%
Prague 1171 90%
Budapest 979 87%
Amsterdam 1688 86%
Paris 4176 85%
Rome 4321 81%


Whilst it is renowned for its seafood and meats, Barcelona is also one of the best locations for vegetarian travellers. Despite not having the most choice of restaurants, coming third to Rome and Paris, the quality is there with 98% of its 2,715 restaurants being rated 4*’s and over.


Paris and Budapest revealed as the top suggested destinations for vegans

Location No. Vegan Friendly Restaurants The % of Vegan-Friendly Restaurants That Are 4* And Above
Paris 542 96%
Budapest 1446 96%
Rome 514 95%
Las Vegas 209 94%
New York 883 92%
Amsterdam 540 92%
Prague 1529 91%
Marrakech 1562 90%
Barcelona 2170 89%

Paris may have ranked in the bottom spot for the best vegetarian restaurants but has the highest ranking when it comes to vegan eateries with 96% of its 542 vegan-friendly restaurants rated 4 stars and above.  Paris isn’t on its own though – Budapest tied with the City of Love in the top spot, followed very closely by Rome.


Newquay is the top UK staycation spot for vegetarians

With more to it than fish and chips, Newquay was revealed as the best spot for vegetarians – with 109 vegetarian-friendly restaurants in total, 92% of which were found to be 4 stars and above. This was followed closely by Bournemouth, York and Torquay.

London, unsurprisingly, had the highest number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the UK– but only 50% of them were found to be 4 stars and above.


Blackpool and Newquay are the best staycation spot for vegans

Out of their 69 restaurants, 96% of Blackpool’s and Newquay’s vegan-friendly restaurants were found to be 4 stars and above. However, if you’re fonder of a city break – Manchester (95%) and London (94%) followed very closely behind.


Top tips on how to travel as a vegan

loveholidays have spoken to Todd Sinclair, writer and author of the Rebel Vegan Life Trilogy, who has revealed some of his best tips on how to embrace your vegan diet whilst travelling.

Fly Vegan: VGML is the code most airlines use to prepare a vegan meal for your flight.

Find Your Tribe: Connecting with a local vegan scene can help your understanding of the culture and bring the richest rewards.

Use Social Media: All the big hitters are useful tools; Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, and TikTok advice videos. Everyone should download the Happy Cow app!

Know Accidentally Vegan Dishes and Foods: Most traditional cuisines have dishes that are originally’ vegan—or can easily be veganized—dishes.

Shop Like a Local: If you find yourself somewhere with limited vegan dishes on offer, explore the grocery stores and markets. Stock up on local fruits and trail mixes to keep as snacks.

For Foreign Language Destinations: Learn key phrases and prepare vegan food cards stating exactly what a vegan diet entails and excludes. Slip it in your wallet or keep on your phone for the consideration of waiting and hotel staff.

Stay Calm & Vegan On: Travelling vegan can add another layer of challenge. But these bumps in the road can lead to growth and self-discovery and often make the best travel stories to take home!

For greater vegan and vegetarian travel destinations, you can visit the full blog post here: https://www.loveholidays.com/holidays/vegan-travel-guide/


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