Simple tips for cooking with fresh herbs

Simple tips for cooking with fresh herbs


Super Simple tips for cooking with fresh herbs

When it comes to the intense flavor of herbs you can not get much better than fresh homegrown herbs from your own garden. Cooking with fresh herbs can be a little different than cooking with dried herbs from the grocery store and the reward is amazing flavor. Here are a few tips for cooking with fresh herbs.

Fresh herbs have a less condensed flavor than dried herbs that have had the water removed. For a better flavor use more when cooking with fresh herbs use more than you would dried herbs.


Herbs and flavours

The more flavorful and fragrant herbs can be added to your dishes early on. Thyme, rosemary, and savory are all great herbs for adding to soups and stews long before they are done.

Herbs like chives tend to lose all flavor when cooked and should be added at the end of your cooking season. The flavor of fresh herbs can be lost easier when cooking than with dried so you should add them at the end of the cooking process if you are cooking anything that will simmer for a long period of time.

Fresh herbs should be cut with a very sharp knife or a pair of herb scissors designed to allow you to cut herbs into perfect little bits with each easy snip. A sharper tool will help keep the juicy flavor in your herbs to put in your meal.

Fresh herbs can be crushed to release the flavorful liquid inside. To do this you can put it in your poof processor or use an old fashioned mortar a pestle for a smaller easier to wash option.

Using oil with herbs

Some herbs release a better flavor when used with oil or butter. When adding fresh herbs to your favorite dishes consider allowing the herbs to soak in your choice of cooking fat before you begin cooking. Infusing butter and oil with fresh herbs after harvesting will leave you will amazing flavor at a later date when you are ready to cook.


More tips for cooking with fresh herbs

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