A wild food pub and a Wicker Man festival in St. Albans

OOH exciting times in Spring for foodies with this Wicker Man festival in St. Albans

Wicker Man festival in St. Albans

A wild food pub in the cathedral city of St Albans will be celebrating the onset of spring in true pagan fashion on 29 April with a day of feasting and fun, which also includes a visit from the mythical Green Man and the ceremonial burning of a wicker man.

The Foragers at the Verulam Arms – a cosy, Victorian pub in the shadow of St Albans Cathedral – will begin celebrations at 12pm and guests will have the opportunity to enjoy some tasty dishes of foraged food from the pub’s menu washed down by a special beer flavoured with foraged woodruff, a traditional May delicacy in Germanic cultures.

The Green Man, a personification of greenery returning to the fields and forests, will be putting in an appearance during the day, then resident medieval troubadors, The Princes in the Tower, will be playing a set of medieval tunes at 6pm before the lighting of the wicker man at 8pm, accompanied by more music from the Princes.

Now that sounds interesting!


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