Fried Pancake with Pumpkin & Red Bean Paste

Today: Fried Pancake with Pumpkin & Red Bean Paste


Fried Pancake with Pumpkin & Red Bean Paste


Fried Pancake with Pumpkin & Red Bean Paste

Renowned Cantonese restaurant Golden Dragon has shared its Fried Pancake  recipe eichhörnchen kostenlosen.

Oh wow does it look super delicious!

They have very kindly shared this this step-by-step recipe and bring the signature tastes of Golden Dragon to your own home herunterladen.

For those looking to skip the cooking part all together can visit Golden Dragon in Colindale where the Fried Pancakes are available for £4.50 firefox android videos.

Serves: 3 or more.


Ingredients for Fried Pancake with Pumpkin & Red Bean Paste

Wheat starch 450g
Boiled water 525g
Sugar 600g
Steamed pumpkin 500g
Sticky rice flour 1250g
Lard 250g
Red bean paste



  • Mix 450g of wheat starch, 525g boiled water and 600g of sugar youtube lieder downloaden pc.
  • Add 500g of steamed pumpkins (steam for around 30 mins) to the dough.
  • Add 1250g of sticky flour and mix.
  • Add 250g of lard and knead (NOTE: If the dough is too hard, add some cold water to make it softer) herunterladen.
  • Separate the dough into moderate sizes.
  • Roll each piece of dough into a round.
  • Get a tablespoon of red bean paste and place it in the centre of each dough piece garageband kostenlos herunterladen.
  • Slightly squash each piece of dough.
  • Steam and pan-fry it to make it crispy.


What a treat!  Do let me know if you give them a go


Where to find Golden Dragon:

Golden Dragon, 399 Edgware Road, Colindale, NW9 0FH

For reservations, please call: 0208 2058333

Twitter and Instagram: @GoldenDragon_UK



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