Bad Brownie Review – Brownie in a Mug Kit

I was so very exited to be offered a Bad Brownie brownie in a mug kit

I am so partial to a brownie and one all of my own, homemade, warm and gooey – well who could possibly turn that down?


Bad Brownie Review


I actually let my son make the first brownie though (because I am nice like that) and because I really want to get him making things independently.

It was super simple and he just loved that cup!

Let me tell you what you get in the kit and talk you through how to make a brownie in a cup (it really could not be easier)


How to make a brownie in a mug

The kit contains absolutely everything you need, apart from a little bit of butter and milk (and it is fine to use non dairy if that is your preference.) You just need a microwave.

The whole process takes just 2 minutes, which is a huge plus when making brownies.

Traditional brownies take way too long to make and really who can wait that long when you need a sugar fix!


Bad Brownie Review


Here is how they are made:

1. First, melt your butter in the bad brownie mug then add  milk.

2. Empty the sachet and flavour pot of your choice into the mug and give it a good stir.

3. Then simply pop your mug into the microwave for one minute



4. Leave to firm up for a few minutes and ta da!



The bad brownie – brownie in a mug kit contains:

– 1x Brownie mug

– 1x Triple chocolate mix

– 1x Salted caramel mix

– 1x Biscoff mix


All completely delicious but we have declared the biscoff mix our absolute favourite,


Bad Brownie Review

When is the right time for a brownie in a mug?

Whenever you feel like a treat, don’t have much time on your hands but want something special – that is the right time! I also think it makes a really delicious gift idea.

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want one of these in their stocking this Christmas time!


Brownie boxes

You can also buy bad brownie boxes from the Bad Brownie company and OMG they look fabulous!! I’ll hopefully be back with a review on one of these really soon!




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