Syn free risotto – butternut squash and spinach

Syn free butternut squash and spinach risotto is just lush!


syn free risotto

syn free risotto

Oh I am so excited to bring you this syn free risotto

I do love a risotto, I find it such a warming and comforting food. Yes it requires a bit of effort but oh it’s so worth it in my opinion Where do get such a creamy taste that is also  slimming world friendly. I find  it is s so moist and creamy and you really don’t need any dairy and adding cheese become s purely a luxurious option.

It is also very filling and a really lovely supper particularly when it is still a little chilly out there.

Here is my recipe for a slimming world  friendly syn free butternut squash and spinach risotto.



Enjoy! As ever please let me know if you make it and what you think of the recipe. I am always open to suggestions and alternatives abd am keen to hear your thoughts.

Can you think of any variations you might make on this? I obviously did a veggie recipe  ( all my recipes are vegetarian.) I was wondering how mushrooms might work or using sage instead of spinach. Hmm I think this just means I have to make it all over again soon. Once I have cleared up from last time!


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syn free risotto

I d o hope you enhjoy this syn free risotto

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