Top 5 Affordable Appliances Every Vegetarian Needs in Their Kitchen

Today – 5 Affordable Appliances Every Vegetarian Needs in Their Kitchen

Appliances Every Vegetarian Needs in Their Kitchen


Whether you are a long-time veggie looking to expand your recipe repertoire or are new to the lifestyle and don’t know where to start; there are 5 kitchen appliances every veggie needs. From tofu to tie dye there are many misconceptions about vegetarianism, particularly when it comes to diet. Some of the main ones being that it is expensive, difficult, time consuming and boring.


Top 5 Affordable Appliances Every Vegetarian Needs in Their Kitchen

However, these affordable appliances can see you saving both time and money on creating delicious new recipes, so you can focus on exploring a whole new world of healthy snacks, exotic tastes and exciting dishes!


Toasters, Microwaves & Kettles

Starting with the basics, everyone needs a good toaster, microwave and kettle in their kitchen. Although this may seem like an obvious addition, there are numerous ways these essentials can come in handy for saving vegetarians time and money in the kitchen. Looking for a quick snack? Boil up some water in the kettle and enjoy a cup-a-soup or some noodles. Fancy a tasty treat but don’t have much time? Make a 5-minute microwaveable cake-in-a-mug. How about a yummy lunchtime meal? Enjoy a three-bean vegan wrap in the microwave. With plenty of quick recipes made for speed, you can’t ignore these kitchen essentials.


Blenders & Juicers

Nothing beats the taste of delicious homemade smoothies, and they are just one thing you can enjoy when you invest in a good blender. With Kenwood blenders regularly on offer for under £30 with promo codes, it just takes one small one-off payment to create hundreds of flavour combinations to suit you. From sweet and fruity smoothies to vitamin rich vegetable drinks, there are endless food combos you can put into a smoothie to suit your tastes and health needs. Not a fan of smoothies? With Immersion Blenders and Juicers, you can make foods with a smooth, liquid consistency such as soups and sauces.


Slow Cooker

Thousands of meat eaters and vegetarians alike swear by a slow cooker, with people of all walks of life reaping the benefits of them. There are countless slow cooker recipes online for vegetarians, and one of the best parts of having a slow cooker is that you don’t even have to be an amazing cook to use it. Cook stews, curry’s, soups, risotto and chilli by simply chopping up the veg you need, adding some spices and leaving your crock pot to do all the work!


Food Processor

A definite essential for any vegetarians who are mad about nuts. From nut roasts to granola bars, there are a multitude of delicious dishes and snacks you can make with a simple food processor. As well as preparing full meals, it can save you heaps of time by simply chopping up ingredients. Stay within budget by getting a simple Tesco Food Processor for under £30 or invest in a veggie bullet with a spiralizer and shredder for just over £100 so you can prepare all your food in one place.


Homemade Tofu Press

It will come as no surprise to most vegans and many vegetarians that a Tofu Press is thought by some to be a kitchen essential. Although I think we can all agree that Tofu is a vital kitchen ingredient to add some texture to a tasty curry or wrap, you don’t have to spend upwards of £24.99 to get your Tofu firm and ready to use. What a classic Tofu Press does is essentially squash your tofu until all the water is drained from it. There are a number of creative ways people have found to drain their tofu from pressing two plates together to using piles of books. Not forgetting my mother’s lifelong method of simply squeezing the tofu in kitchen towel until it feels dry (sure, not as fancy as a ready made press, but it works!).


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