10 best places to pick your own

Have you been looking for the best places to pick your own. As a massive foodie this really appeals to me but apart form picking strawberries I have never really done this. I wasn’t quite sure where to start but tada. We have a great list for you today of the very best places to picky your own produce and to pick your own flowers.


10 best places to pick your own

To help everyone to eat fresh, local seasonal fruit and vegetables this year, Kett Country Cottages have compared PYO farms throughout the UK to find the best places to pick your own produce.

From rhubarb to runner beans we have crunched the data for the UK’s PYO farms and the results are in.

The 10 best places to pick your own produce are:

  1. Millets Farm, Oxfordshire
  2. Sopley Farm PYO, Dorset
  3. Kenyan Hall Farm, Cheshire
  4. Cairnie Farming, Fife
  5. Crockford Bridge, Surrey
  6. Durleighmarsh Farm, Hampshire
  7. Farmer Copleys, Yorkshire
  8. Sandringham Estate, Norfolk
  9. Cattows Farm, Leicestershire
  10. Parkside Farm, London

Do you think you might be picking your own this year!


10 best places to pick your own

The five best places to pick your own flowers

And how about picking your own flowers….. new to me but it sounds just so delightful doesn’t it!

You can also pick freshly grown flowers throughout the UK with the most popular option being bright yellow sunflowers.  What’s your favourite flower to pick? I think lavender and poppies make for a spectacular bouquet.


pick your own flowers


  1. Sopley Farm PYO
  2. Charleton Farm
  3. Rectory Farm
  4. Hill Farm
  5. Kenyon Hall Farm

Are you inspired?

Please do leave me a comment with your recommendations for the best places to pick your own. It is such a wholesome healthy and delightful thing to do and it is brilliant to share this experience with your kids or older rellys. Infact it is a lovely multi generational activity and  one to weave into your yearly family traditions,


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