Plant for Peace Bars

Have you heard of Plant For Peace bars?

They are a superfood bar made exclusively from fruit grown on small Afghan farms. The initiative has enabled farmers to transform their fields from growing opium for the heroin trade, to growing mulberries and other fruit to produce these superfood bars. For every bar sold, a fruit tree is planted.

Isn’t that just lovely.

Plant for Peace Bars


Plant for Peace Bars

The bars cost £1.19 (£2.99 for box of 4) and are available in three flavours:

  • Mulberry Chia
  • Mulberry Cocoa Orange
  • Mulberry and Apple

Mulberries are superfoods with lots of health benefits – packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, these bars are a great low calorie snacks suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Sadly and shockingly  90% of the world’s heroin is made from poppies grown in Afghanistan, Plant For Peace aims to revive the agricultural industry which was destroyed during the war, and offer farmers an alternative and sustainable livelihood bu producing Plant for Peace bars.

Plant For Peace has predicted that the trees funded by the sale of the bars will contribute $1.3 billion to the farming industry in war-torn Afghanistan by 2025. That equates to three times the revenue farmers would receive growing opium poppies.


Now available at Sainsburys, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.


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