Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware Review


Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware Review


Palm leaf disposable tableware

Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware Review

Have you heard of palm leaf disposable tableware?

I have something very cool to show you today.

There are a whole host of occasions that require disposable tableware. But in this day and age, we are all trying to avoid single-use plastic, aren’t we?  Well here is the most fabulous alternative. Have a look at this absolutely beautiful range of Palm Leaf products from the Wholeleaf Co.

They sent me some to review and I simply adore them. Not only are they unique and stylish and so much better looking than plastic they are also better for the planet.

They tick all my boxes!


Wholeleaf products are made from nothing but naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. It’s a renewable material almost 60 billion palm leaves fall to ground in India every year.


How they are made

The Wholeleaf Company’s Palm Leaf Products are made from naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. Isn’t that juts awesome! They transform the leaf into a disposable plate, bowl or platter by washing it in locally sourced spring water and then heat press it into shape.

It really is just as simple as that.


We don’t use any chemicals, resins, agents, glues or anything else just the leaf, the Wholeleaf and nothing but the leaf and some water.


The Wholeleaf Co mission

Their mission is to bring fair employment to as many people as possible in rural parts of India where their palm leaf plates are ethically made. They also aim to use only natural resources and reduce waste.  They also make sure that the people who make Wholeleaf products are paid a fair wage and that they work in good conditions. Palm leaves are a sustainable, free and plentiful resource.

This is a philosophy I totally applaud.


Can they be used in the oven/microwave?

Surprisingly they absolutely can! You can use Wholeleaf Plates in a convection oven for 40 minutes up to 180 degrees and microwave for 2 minutes. They are also fine to use in a fridge and a freezer.


What can they be used for?

Liquids and hot food are both fine in these super strong disposables. Perfect for weddings/picnics and parties!


How they are disposed of?

Whilst designed to be single-use a quick wipe down and the plates are as good as new and can be used again. When you are ready to dispose of them they are home compostable. perfect!

We loved, loved loved, how they looked, how they were made, who made them, how we could use them and how we could dispose of them.

What could be more Eat Simply than palm leaf disposable tableware.

The perfect wedding tableware!


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