Best Vegetarian Picnic Ideas


Best Vegetarian Picnic Ideas

The best vegetarian picnic ideas

Are you on the hunt for the best vegetarian picnic ideas?

Ah, one of the very nicest things about Spring is the fact that picnic season comes into swing. You cannot beat a well thought out a vegetarian picnic and we have a host of scrumptious ideas for you here form an array of gorgeous bloggers.

Tuck in!

A good old veggie burger has to be a picnic staple and this is a super speedy recipe. You could try a bit of grilled halloumi on it too. How about some branston pickle pizza?


Best Vegetarian Picnic Ideas


A flask of soup is good for an English picnic (especially if there is a nip in the air) so how about tomato and roasted red pepper soup


How about a sweet potato veggie pie – yum!



This Cyprus salad looks very scrummy



And how about some dairy-free cheese and tomato pinwheels



Ooh and you just have to have cake at a picnic don’t you, it is a MUST  how about the vegan choc muffins



Chocolate jazzies make a fun addition for the kids too (and they are great fun for little hands to make)



How about Quorn tacos with spicy slaw ( a tad messy but who cares!)


Best Vegetarian Picnic Ideas, Becky Goddard-hill


And a fondant fancy cake would surely go down well



OOh and how about some lemon and choc chip butter biscuits…so good.


I do hope you enjoy exploring these fabulous blogs and that you get outside for a picnic really soon.

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