Vegan Knickerbocker Glory – A Perfect Vegan Christmas Dessert

A vegan Knickerbocker glory is a delightful thing.

You may be wondering what on earth a vegan  Knickerbocker glory is?  Well if you haven’t come across one before I promise you that you are in for an absolute treat.

knickerbocker glory is a layered ice cream sundae that is served in a large tall glass, eaten with a distinctive long spoon, and is local particularly to Great Britain and Ireland. Making it vegan is super simple – s long as you know where to get the best ingredients,

I believe this is the perfect vegan Christmas dessert because it is low effort, can be created in  moments, leaves your cooker free for THAT dinner and it is an absolute treat. Plus you can totally customise the dessert to suit the recipient with no fuss at all.


Vegan Knickerbocker Glory

Vegan Knickerbocker Glory

Here is how to make this delicious and oh so very pretty dessert


Vegan Knickerbocker Glory Ingredients

Cherry and Cream Soya ice cream

Chocolate and Cream Soya ice cream

Fabbri Amarena Cherries & Syrup

Lotus biscuits

Peach slices


Dr Oetker chocolate strands

Coconut Whipping cream



Ciao Gusto

My star ingredients were the dairy free ice creams and the delicious black cherries in syrup come from the Ciao Gusto Italian Deli at Ocado. 




If you haven’t yet visited let me tell you it is a treasure trove of gorgeous Italian food  all gathered together under one tab.  Just take a look at the amazing list of Italian brands you’ll discover at the Ciao Gusto Italian Deli:


Pasta – Barilla, Rana

Rice – Riso Gallo

Flours – Polenta Valsugana

Tomato and Vegetable Conserves – Cirio

Cheese and Dairy – Auricchio, Parmareggio 

Fish – Delicius, Medusa

Herbs and Spices – Cannamela

Tuna – Rio Mare

Cured Meats – Negroni

Soya and Rice products – Valsoia

Olive Oil – Filippo Berio

Vinegar – Ponti

Bakery – Colussi, Misura, 

Dried fruits – Noberasco

Jams – Santa Rosa

Coffee – Lavazza

Herbal Teas – Bonomelli

Water and Fruit Juices – San Benedetto, Santal 

Wine – Zonin, Santa Margherita 

Spirits – Vecchia Romagna

Cherries and Syrups – Fabbri


How awesome is that! Such a gorgeous range of authentic, quality Italian brands you will be quite spoilt for choice!

Anyways on with the recipe …


How to make Vegan Knickerbocker Glory – 2 ways


Vegan Knickerbocker Glory

Cherry Vegan Knickerbocker Glory 

I  made a cherry and Knickerbocker glory first and spooned in cherry ice cream followed by crushed lotus biscuits and chopped peach slices.

Next I added a few raspberries (that go so well with cherries and peaches) more cherry ice cream then a heap of black cherries in juice.

On top I whirled coconut whipping cream, crushed pistachios and planted a single cherry and a piece of vegan fudge on top



Chocolate & Raspberry Vegan Knickerbocker Glory 

My vegan daughter is a HUGE choc fan and not a cherry fan so her Knickerbocker glory differed slightly (and that is the beauty of this dessert it can be entirely bespoke.)

So for her dessert I layered choc ice cream with lotus biscuits, for the sweet crunch, followed by raspberries and  peach slices. Next I added more of the choc and cream ice cream, more lotus biscuit and then a big dollop of the coconut whipping cream with vegan chocolate sprinkles, vegan fudge and a decorative cherry on top.



Cherries, peaches, raspberries and chocolate are a lovely combination and this really is a delicious treat for Christmas day  and one the whole family can enjoy.


I do hope you have enjoyed this vegan knickerbocker glory recipe – might you try it for Christmas day? Have a look here for more vegetarian alternatives for Christmas







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