Cranberry Mocktail – A Refreshing & Delicious Recipe

Cranberry Mocktail

An orange cranberry mocktail recipe


Looking for some bubbly to sip on farm frenzy kostenlos downloaden? Well, look no further because I have the perfect Cranberry Mocktail recipe for you.

My recipe for is simple and straight to the point. I love that it’s non-alcoholic because I can offer it to the kids/pre-teens/teens at oarties or on summer f days

This Mocktail has the perfect balance between bubbles and sweetness herunterladen. The cranberry juice gives it that kick a tartness. The ginger ale and orange juice offset it with a good amount of sweetness.

My recipe yields at least 15 servings, so it’s perfect to put in a large punchbowl and watch all of your guests enjoy herunterladen!



Ingredients for Cranberry Mocktail

1L sparkling water, chilled

2 cups orange juice

4 cups ginger ale, chilled

2 cups cranberry cocktail

1-2 cups frozen cranberries


Yields: Approx haudegen alben kostenlos downloaden. 15 8oz. servings



Cranberry Mocktail

How to make a Cranberry Mocktail

In a large punch bowl, mix together chilled sparkling water and orange juice herunterladen.

Add ginger ale and mix.

Stir in cranberry juice and mix more.

Serve in individual cups and garnish with frozen cranberries, as desired sprache herunterladen samsung. Enjoy!


Cranberry Mocktail


You could even make some white choclate and cranberry cookies to go with – yum kaspersky internet security free download full version!


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Do let me know if you try it I just love to hear from you video im browser herunterladen!


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