Naked Pressed Juices

Naked pressed juices

I am still clean eating in a big way since my Cleanse and have now dropped 18lb. I have a further 5 stone to lose however so this is a going to be rather a long journey. I intend to make the food I eat and the juices I drink as varied and interesting as possible along the way. I know one of the quickest ways back to my bad eating/drinking habits is for my diet to become boring. It needs to stay diverse, colourful and healthy.

I was absolutely delighted to be offered a few Naked Pressed juices to review.


Their lively carrot cold pressed juices has cold-pressed carrot, cucumber, and apple combined with vanilla bean for a slightly sweet and bright carrot juice. No preservatives and no added sugar.



It is zingy and super healthy and really packs a punch of  flavour.


naked pressed


I am so not a fan of beetroot but my partner tried this ( he is eating healthily with me ) and really enjoyed it, he said it was flavour full and fresh. It is a blend of cold-pressed beets, cucumbers, carrots, and oranges

Last but not least came Bright Greens a blend of 8 juices this time, this was my favourite I found it zesty and refreshing. It contained cold-pressed apple, cucumber, and wheatgrass, lemon and so on and it was sweeter than the others.


naked pressed juices


I am more used to fruit smoothies than veggie ones but these were delicious and a really interesting change.

£3.79 for 600ml


Naked Pressed Juices do a large range of healthy juices and smoothies so do pop over and have a look. you might also like my post on   strawberry and avocado smoothiesfamily friendly beer festivals


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