7 Super Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

You may already know that mushrooms are good for you, and reishi mushrooms in particular, have a ton of benefits to offer associated with their consumption. Adding more of these to your diet can help you in more ways than one.


Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms


Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Keep reading to find out the exact benefits of consuming the ‘God of Fungi.’


Immune System Boost

This one’s one of the best benefits of reishi mushrooms- they contain beta glucan and other compounds that strengthen the immune system in several ways. Plus, they also demonstrate antimicrobial activity and can help antibiotics work faster, better.


Better Sleep

While there is no actual study done to confirm this, many herbalists often recommend reishi mushrooms to get better sleep at night. Those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders can try including it in their diet or take supplemental form of reishi.

Relief from Allergies

Some preliminary studies have found that reishi extracts, when consumed, can help inhibit allergic responses and reduce irritation, which sounds promising from those suffering from certain forms of allergies.


Improved Heart Health

Reishi extracts are also believed to be effective in improving heart health. They tend to increase the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and decrease the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in blood, and also keep blood sugar levels in control.


Better Mental Health

This may sound surprising, but yes, the consumption of reishi mushrooms can also help improve mental health and can reduce fatigue and depression, thereby improving the quality of life. Some studies have linked the use of reishi supplemented to a significant reduction in the symptoms of depression in cancer patients.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Reishi extracts have also been found to improve cognitive performance and brain function in test subjects. They tend to improve the supply of energy to the brain and also contain compounds that guard the brain against seizures. They also help balance hormones in the body, which in turn, boosts both- your mental and physical energy levels.

Protection from Cancer

One of the best benefits reishi mushrooms have to offer are their ability to protect your body from cancer. This is because they are packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause cancer, and some studies have also proven it effective in causing the death of cancer cells and reducing the growth of cancer cells and tumors.


Better Gut Health

Reishi extracts have been found to reduce inflammation in the body, which has many benefits when it comes to gut health in particular. It can help tackle the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome and prevent the formation of stomach ulcers. Plus, it can also help detoxify the body naturally, which also helps the liver and other organs associated with digestion.


Pin Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms


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