Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Today – best kitchen flooring ideas

Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas


A creative kitchen

I am as you will have gathered by now a huge food lover.

I love to prep food, experiment with food, bake and cook.

I also love to eat.

One thing I always do when I cook is make a bit of a mess. I get carried away with enthusiasm and flour goes everywhere, I drop my vanilla essence, things splash as I mix them and generally my kitchen afterwards is always a bit of a state.


I have tried to cook tidily but I lose my spontaneity when I do – I like to think I am an expressive and creative cook though rather than a messy one.

Consequently,  easy to clean splashback tiles, washable and hardwearing work services, a good apron and the best kitchen flooring ideas are required in my kitchens.


Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

I don’t know about you but I am adamant that no matter where I live my kitchens have laminate flooring.

In my opinion, nothing looks nicer than wood, but wooden floors are just not suitable for kitchens.

Can you imagine the food getting in the grooves and how hard the stains would be to clean up?


Laminate styles

Laminate flooring is made from a high-density fibreboard and covered in a realistic decorative layer. Traditional laminate looks like wood and this always pleases me as I love this look. I also adore grey laminate in a kitchen as I think it looks super stylish.

But actually, so many more designs are available now.  In fact, these days laminate is so versatile in design options.

It can look like marble (which makes your kitchen look very classy.) It can look like stone (which adds a very rustic and authentic look to a kitchen.) It can even look like real wood or take on a mosaic tile effect. In fact, laminate can totally fit the style of your home whilst still having all the qualities you want in kitchen flooring.


The benefits of laminate flooring

So what is it I like about laminate flooring. Well, it isn’t just the versatility of style. I also love the affordability of laminate and how it can look high end without the usually associated cost.  I like that it is super easy to install and just clicks together.

I love the durability of laminate that withstands the hard wear my kitchen gets from a food-loving family who storms the kitchen in football boots desperate for tea.  I love that it doesn’t stain or scratch easily meaning busy family life can be accommodated as well as messy cooks.

There are so many befits to this fabulous flooring and it really it is up there as on the best kitchen flooring ideas in my opinion.


Over to you

Do you agree? Would your perfect kitchen have laminate flooring? Do drop me a comment, I always love to hear your views and experiences. of the best kitchen flooring ideas


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