5 healthier eating habits that are easy to adopt

Today – 5 healthier eating habits that are easy to adopt

It is time for me to take my weight and health in hand and start to look after myself better. Much as I love food I do not always eat healthily enough and I definitely eat a little too much.


5 healthier eating habits

5 healthier eating habits that are easy to adopt

Here are 5 healthier eating habits I want to adopt to bring about positive change.

Less sugar

Oh, I do love sugar but for the sake of my energy levels, my teeth, my skin and my weight I need to cut it right back. I am going to cut it out of my tea and I am going to reserve chocolate bars for a weekend treat not an every day one! I have cut down on  sugar before and know despite being tricky at first my body soon adapts.

Less fat

It is pretty easy for me to reduce my fat intake, using spray oil like Fry Light and taking the butter out my sandwiches. This really has an impact on both my cholesterol and calorie intake. Easy.

Growing my own

Over at Two Wests I have been looking at seed trays, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable cages and the like and planning how next year I really will grow my own. There is nothing quite so delicious and satisfying as homegrown food is there? I think it would be so good for my children to be involved with this too.  No pesticides, no production, no packaging or transportation. Home-grown food has to be healthier.

Meal planning

When I plan my meals I definitely eat better. When I don’t and run out of food we end up with quick trips to the chippie or toasted sandwiches with no veggies. Meal planning ensures I buy and eat healthier food. I just need to build it into my schedule.

Eat less

My scales tell me clearly that I am consuming too much and I know this is true. I need to eat smaller portions and not serve myself the same sized meals as my other half. I am going to invest in a smaller plate – simple!


Now I just need to put these 5 healthy habits into action – that’s always the tricker bit.


5 healthier eating habits that are easy to adopt is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to stop wasting money on food and a  recipe book s for kids on healthy eating


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