Magnum bottles are the best proposal for the best wines

Magnum bottles are highly prized by collectors and major wine auctions, why are they Magnum bottles? The answer is based on the various benefits of these packages that meet the standards of quality and exclusivity.

Magnum wine bottles have a high appreciation for the industry, it is an increasingly valued presentation and they contain the same amount of two normal bottles (1.5 liters), that is, they live up to their name.

They are in such high demand and thanks to the high cost of Magnum materials (cork, bottle itself, labels, etc.), the high cost per unit, and the fact that Magnum Venice Italy is usually bottled and labeled manually.

On the other hand, exposure to liquid oxygen is greater than from low-content (or traditional-size) bottles and may take longer to mature. This means that this type of container will lengthen the life of the wine, slow it down and make it the perfect bottle for the final wine.

Therefore, it manages to offer the consumer excellent uniformity and stability and even guarantees that the wine is optimal for much longer.


The quality of wine Magnum Venice Italy

To discover a bottle of Veneto Magnum wine is to taste one of the most traditional Italian wines. Veneto is now considered the first region of Italy for red or white wines.

The varieties that make these delicious magnum venice italy stand out are unique to this wonderful region and stand out more than any other part of the world.

If you want to dine with an exquisite drink, Veneto wine is definitely the favorite of all tastes who know how to taste good wines.

The Veneto region produces the best Italian wines such as Valpolicella DOP, Amarone Classico della Valpolicella DOCG and Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC.

Origin of Veneto wine

Veneto was a recognized region within the Roman Empire, especially the city of Aquileia, which is now the Venice-Julia region, which served as the center for the global marketing of wine.

However, it was that during the barbarian invasion of the 5th century AD, Veneto was victims of endless destruction and, despite everything that happened, the “Serenissima” republic of Venice was born from refugees fleeing from Attila Elfno.

Thus, Veneto produces some of the most prestigious wines in Italy. The four most fruitful areas are 100% wine-growing and benefit from the massive production of DOC (Control of Origin) and DOCG (Control and Guarantee of Origin).


Main characteristics of Veneto

The wines originating in Veneto are awarded as the oldest wines in the world and their delicious composition is in all the favorite styles. The grapes from this region are carefully selected and the location of the vineyards where they are definitely harvested makes them stand out among thousands of proposals.

Some of the most important characteristics of Veneto wines are:

  • The most important grape is Corvina Veronese
  • A slightly aromatic wine with a dry and pleasant flavor.
  • The vineyards are located on volcanic soils and provide unique characteristics when making grapes.
  • Veneto is known worldwide as the first Italian region in terms of wine production.

Types of veneto wines

Veneto is known for producing excellent wines, ranked first in the world. In Italy, you can enjoy everything from sparkling wine types to more expansive white wines, and to which fermentation gives a unique touch. So, do you prefer a sweet, dry or semi-dry white veneto?

Or conversely, your favorite red wine could be a sweet, dry and calming wine.

The wines produced in Veneto are extremely versatile and stand out in the taste of professionals. Veneto red wine is a favorite of combinations of tomato paste, roast beef, and half-cooked cheese.


On the other hand, the white Veneto is preferred to combine with fish, soups, first courses, desserts and baked goods.



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