Food Technology Trends to Know About

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives, and this is also true for our relationships with food. This includes everything from how it is produced, to how it reaches us and how we consume it. The move is towards personalised and sustainable food practices and options. Technological advancements in the food industry have led to various trends that we will be discussing below.

Alternative Proteins

Many people are now turning to alternative protein options. They are doing this mainly due to environmental and health concerns. Lab-grown foods, cultured meat, plant-based protein options and mycoprotein are all becoming very popular and are one of the main reasons for this trend.


Food Technology Trends to Know About


These options provide similar nutrients to meat and use fewer resources to produce compared to the traditional livestock options. As they become more popular, we can expect to see technologies such as fermentation, molecular biology and 3D printing used to develop these alternative protein options and sources.


Nutraceuticals are products derived from various herbal products, specific diets and dietary supplements that also have medicinal benefits. These products have become very popular as more people have become more concerned about their health.

Some of the more popular products in this category include postbiotics, probiotics and prebiotics. These products have been shown to have benefits against disorders like immune disease, allergies and diabetes.

Use of Technology in the Retail Space

Many restaurants and businesses that deal with food in one way or another have embraced technology to reach customers and make purchasing and accessing food easier for many people. We now have restaurant apps and websites that we can use to order the foods we like.

These websites and apps capture our data and provide us with personalised offers and options the next time we want to order something, further helping support our personalised food choices.

There are additional tools available for restaurant owners to manage their restaurants for better inventory management, which helps reduce food wastage.

Lastly, we have tools that help with sales and marketing. Restaurant and food-based businesses have embraced advancements in digital marketing which has allowed them to increase their revenues while keeping their marketing costs low.

Because these are online tools, business owners can manage their businesses from wherever they may be, and all they need is a computer. Because most of these services run online, business owners do not need expensive or very powerful machines.

This makes the computers that have the latest Intel Arc graphics cards a great option. They are powerful enough while consuming little power which gives business owners the longer battery life they need. You can check out this Lenovo Intel graphics guide to see why these new graphics options are great for business machines.

Personalised Nutrition

The growing awareness of what we put in our bodies has led to the development of personalised nutrition solutions. Many of these solutions are based on personal preferences. Advancements in technology are also helping manufacturers create personalised nutrition options at a much larger scale.

As technology has advanced, it has impacted the food industry in various ways. We now have solutions that were not available or even possible before. The restaurant and food-based business space has also been impacted positively by these trends, making them more streamlined, sustainable and less wasteful.


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