Why a food hamper makes a good gift?


have you ever wondered why a food hamper makes a good gift?

Everyone loves good food and a nice drink, which makes hampers a perfect present for a friend, a family member or even for yourself if you’re feeling a bit down. Hampers are a great way to cheer someone special but can also be a real luxury gift, it all depends on your budget really. What are the best food hampers ideas? How to organise the perfect surprise for your loved one?


food hamper makes a good gift?

Choose the right one

When buying a food hamper, be aware of the person you are giving to… It can be easy to pick something you like but wouldn’t necessarily please the person you bought it for. Do your research; is the person vegan? Vegetarian? Are they chocolate lover or cheese lover? Do they even drink alcohol? Think of your budget also, hamper baskets can be very expensive depending where you shop.

The presentation of the food hamper matters too! It needs to immediately please the eyes, we all love a good wrapped present or a straw basket, the way the hamper look is literally part of the experience of gift-giving.

You can find so many kinds of hamper basket… Luxury, fruits only, afternoon tea, coffee lover, cheese tasting, etc. Everybody can find something they like.


Be aware of the occasion

There are different food hampers for specific occasions so don’t neglect it. I’ll definitely advise you to pick a chocolate hamper for somebody with a sweet tooth, you can even find ones with a bottle of prosecco, what more could you ask for?

If you’re looking into birthday present, graduation celebration or a gift for your lover, you could easily add balloons and a lovely card with the hamper, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch. You can also find lovely food hampers tailored for special occasion such as Christmas or Valentines Day, so you don’t even have to do that special touch yourself.

Why a food hamper makes a good gift?

They’re ideal for last minute gift but be aware of the delivery time and cost if you’re buying one online, they can be quite heavy and take some time to be delivered.

With bonfire night and Christmas just around the corner, it would be a great way to treat your loved one to a wonderful gift. Be aware however of the dietary restrictions and the occasion to avoid disappointment.

And you, do you love food hampers?


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