Free Meal Planner Printable

Free Meal Planner Printable

Why would you want a free meal planner printable?

I have a lovely treat for you today my lovely readers a free meal planner printable. I promise you it will help you organise your week so much better and of course, meal planning does have an array of benefits..

We all know that when we plan our meals for the week ahead it helps us reduce food waste. It also really focuses our shopping list and so helps us cut our budget. And on top of that, it also helps us plan in easy, healthy meals that really fit with our activities on certain days. meal planning has a huge amount of benefits, doesn’t it?

Click here to download your free Meal Planner

Free Meal Planner Printable

The best of intentions

Despite having the very best of intentions meal planning can go awry just like any other very good idea. The busy & buzzy nature of modern life means that the basics can easily get missed even if we know they are really good for us.


Why a meal planner works

Having a paper copy of a meal planner means you get to see it. I would suggest you:

  • Stick it in the front of your diary
  • Put it on the fridge
  • Display it on a noticeboard
  • Fill it in at the same time each week BEFORE you do your food shop

Basically, have it somewhere very visible to help you keep track of your week and know if there are any essentials you need to shop for.

Other good meal planning resources

Have a look at the weekly meal planner linky over at Katy Kicker for some great meal planning ideas. Lots of bloggers link up with their weekly plans so you may find you are inspired to try some new recipes.

My dear friend Cass has a whole Meal Planning blog dedicated to meal planning which is sure to inspire you too.


chilli tofu


So there you go – lots of good reasons to meal plan..and if you aren’t sure what meals to plan why not have a go at Crispy Chilli Tofu or my cumin potato cakes – yum!


Do download your free Meal Planner printable and make this a great new habit!


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