Dolcetto d’Alba to Barbaresco: The Finest Northern Italian Red Wine

Dolcetto d’Alba to Barbaresco – do you know your wines?

When it comes to wine enthusiasts, every tiny detail matters: How long did the wine age? Where was it produced? How was the climatic condition? There is seemingly no end to their constant questioning. However, becoming so picky about wine can be justifiable. After all, they are the most delicate drinks, with every little thing making a difference in tastes and flavours.

There is hardly any comparison to the Northern Italian red wines when it comes to giving satisfying answers to all these probings. Of course, the whole country is revered for its wines, but wine tasters can’t get enough of the historic labels like Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Asti, Barolo, etc. Produced in some of Italy’s most historic vineyards, these reds stand out with their unique characteristics and unrivalled finesses.


Dolcetto d'Alba to Barbaresco

Dolcetto d’Alba

One of the finest dry red wines hailing from the region, Dolcetto d’Alba is a name to remember. It takes a lively ruby appearance and goes well with a wide range of foods. The wine finds its magic from its lesser-known grapes – Dolcetto. This bottle is from Alba, which is the best region in growing Dolcetto grapes. The producers have been in the business since 1860, so you can be sure of their expertise. The experience also shows in the taste – a hint of dark, rich cherries, liquorice coming with a fresh finish. It complements anything from cheese, cured meats, pizza, etc.


Hailigin right from the heart of Piedmont, Barbaresco is a DOCG label made from Nebbiolo grapes. In general, this grape produces highly acidic and tannic wine. Unlike some other wines, however, Barbaresco offers a more earthy and fruity tone. It provides a satisfying mix of aromas ranging from roses, cherries to dark spices. You can enjoy it on its own, with a delicate fish dish, old strong cheese, mushroom and truffles, etc. There are different variants, and so, read between the labels before buying.


Barolo comes from the same tannic and acidic grape Nebbiolo in the Piedmont region. So, inevitably, the brand often gets mixed up in wine lover’s minds. Despite using the same grapes, however, Barolo offers a significantly different taste than its cousins. It is a majestic wine with intense flavours and deep red colour. Hence, it pairs better with more savoury dishes like cured meats.

Barbera d’Asti

Hailing from the hilly areas in Asti, Barbera d’Asti is a delicious red wine made with Barbera grape. It is a smooth and supple red that soothes like the Alps with its vivid aroma. A taster can easily decipher red cherry and wild raspberry notes, while the average drinker can enjoy it with pasta, especially when paired with meat and tomato sauce. As a full-bodied wine, it also pairs well with hard cheese.



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