Unusual Uses for a Lemon


Today – 7 unusual uses for a lemon you may not have considered

Being packed full of vitamin C, lemons are a staple in all households. If you’ve got a few of them and are wondering how to put them to use before they go bad, here’s a bit of help.


Unusual uses for a Lemon

Read on to discover the 7 ways to put lemon to use in your kitchen.


unusual uses for a lemon

Slip It Into Your Tea

What could be better than sipping on a cup of hot lemon tea as you begin your day? Add a couple of freshly cut lemon slices to your cup of tea, or dehydrate them first by popping them in the oven for a bit.


Unusual Uses for a lemon? Make Fancy Salt

Remember all those fancy salt seasonings you came across on your recent trip to the gourmet market? Well guess what? With just a teeny bit of effort, you can recreate their magic right in your kitchen. All you really need to do is combine some coarse sea salt with dried lemon rind and dried thyme leaves. If you’ve got fresh ingredients, you can spread them out on a baking dish and pop them in until they dry up!

This salt can be an excellent rub for your seafood creations in particular.


uses for a lemon


Whip Up a Quick Vinaigrette

Lemon is packed with so much flavor, and that’s exactly why, with this vinaigrette, you can make a simple salad taste so much better. Plus, it is super easy to make too! All you need to do is combine some lemon juice with coarse sea salt, grated ginger, olive oil, pepper and a bit of honey. That’s it!

Make Some Lemonade – perfect uses for a lemon

Of course, one of the simplest and most practical ways to put lemon to use in your kitchen is to make some lemonade. Another cool idea is to make some lemon infused water and start your day with a glass of it- it has been found to have powerful detoxifying action!


Clean Up Water Stains

The citric acid in lemon can actually come pretty handy when it comes to getting rid of all that soap scum and water stains on your faucets and other fittings- not just in the kitchen, but your bathrooms as well. Simply spread some freshly squeezed lemon juice on the areas, let it stay for a while and then wipe it clean.


uses for a lemon

Make Homemade Lemon Curd

Tastes just like lemon pie in a bowl and makes for a great accompaniment with your cakes, waffles, pancakes and biscuits, you definitely must give lemon curd a try! The perfect uses for a lemon.  Start by whisking eggs, sugar, salt and lemon juice in a saucepan until you get a smooth, evening mixture. Follow this up with some softened butter and lemon zest and combine well. Cook this mixture over medium heat and keep stirring continuously until it thickens. Use a stick blender to smoothen out the mixture if needed.


Sanitize Your Cutting Board

Cleaning your wooden cutting board can be tricky, since you can’t just pop it into the dishwasher. Thankfully, lemon comes to the rescue! After you’re done washing the chopping board, you can rub it clean half a lemon and then wash off.

This will also help get rid of any trace odour the board might have.



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