Branston Pickle Pizza

Have you heard of Branston pickle pizza?

When my old pal Micheal told me about this amazing new invention over at Papa Johns I had to try it. I do love a bit of  Branston pickle and I am very partial to pizza. It sounded an odd match but one I was willing to try. I couldn’t quite imagine it – would it be a regular pizza with pickle smeared on top?


A special delivery


Turns out the pickle is in the stuffed crust of your pizza.



I waited with eager anticipation for my special pizza to arrive and I was excited! You rarely find much unique about a cheese and pineapple pizza but this was going to take it to a whole new level.

It is available on large cheese and tomato pizzas whether vegan or non – vegan and only for a limited time,Sso if you fancy giving it a go get ordering now over at Papa Johns

It did not disappoint.


My thoughts on Branston pickle pizza

My stuffed crust Branston pickle pizza was super tasty and gave a lovely little tang to my pizza.



Branston Pickle Pizza



Next time I order a Papa Johns I am going to give the brand new Branston pickle and cheese sticks a try too.

Don’t they look lush?



I love giving something new a try. Do you?

It’s part of what makes being a food blogger just so much fun I think.

Are you a Branston pickle fan too? Do you think you will be giving their Branston pickle pizza and side a go?

Do let me tr know if you try it I would love to know what you think.


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