7 TikTok Hacks to Make Food Last Longer

After trawling the internet, including TikTok, for the quickest and easiest hacks, the team at  https://www.wethrift.com/ has compiled a fool-proof list of tips to help your food last longer


TikTok Hacks to Make Food Last Longer

TikTok Hacks to Make Food Last Longer

All of these are sper easy bt cold save yo wasting SO much money!

Let’s wrap this up

First up, we have the lesser-known method of herb swaddling. This involves removing any rubber bands or plastic ties holding the herbs together, then cleansing them in a salad spinner or under the cold tap.

Next, place them in a clean tea towel to dry. Once they are dry, wrap them up in a damp paper towel, then place the herbs safely inside a reusable plastic bag or an airtight plastic box – voila! Your herbs should stay fresh and tasty for longer.


Vinegar your berries

Straight from the weird and wonderful world of TikTok comes @westwing’s viral video on how to keep berries fresher for longer. The tutorial demonstrates how washing berries in vinegar that has been diluted with water can extend their life to up to two weeks. Say goodbye to mushy, fluffy strawberries forever.


Crunch lunch 

Fed up with your celery and carrots going bad after just a couple of days? Introducing water storage: an older technique that has been reintroduced by the TikTok masses. @westwing, the queen of storage hacks, revealed that putting unwashed veggies straight into the fridge is a recipe for disaster. To maintain a satisfying crunch and avoid the dreaded grey flesh of an expired avocado, you should cleanse the veg, dry it, then add it to airtight containers with water in them. This allows celery to last a very impressive two weeks, and celery up to a month.


 Hey, pesto!

One of the hardest herbs to care for has to be basil. It never seems to be happy, wherever it is placed. Put it in front of the window for sunlight? It shrivels before your eyes. Thankfully, @neat.caroline has answered all of our basil-related prayers and revealed that it actually thrives the most simply placed on a counter – like a bunch of flowers. Basil plants love water, so ensure that you water them deeply once a week and avoid letting the soil dry out.


Chilling Chips

If your potatoes have been growing more tentacles than a villain from a 70s horror film, then this TikTok hack is the one for you. The video, by @thismumcooks shows how easy it is to create your very own homemade oven chips.

Simply peel the potatoes, then boil as usual. After this, cut into chips or halves for roast dinners, then pop into a ziplock bag and freeze. When you fancy some fries or roasties, just take them out and pop them into the oven – it’s that easy.


TikTok Hacks to Make Food Last Longer

Easy fruit spray hack 

For apples that taste as crisp and juicy as the day you bought them, why not try a homemade fruit spray? @refinedliving explained that combining water, vinegar and a dash of lemon oil was the secret behind maintaining the freshest fruit. Simply mix 230ml of vinegar with the same amount of water, then finish with 5 drops of lemon juice.


Bread-y biscuits 

Last but not least, we have possibly the most unusual hack of the list: storing a slice of bread in your biscuit jar to keep them fresh and soft. @lifetipsing highlights how biscuits kept in decorative jars can go hard and stale very quickly, but not anymore!

The biscuits will draw moisture from the bread, allowing them to maintain their deliciously doughy texture.


TikTok Hacks to Make Food Last Longer – will you be trying these?


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