5 Trending Apps to Improve Mealtimes

Are you looking for apps to improve mealtimes?

Cooking up a feast is enjoyable most of the time, but it can become a chore after a busy day at work or if you lack inspiration in the kitchen. Plenty of people up and down the country feel like that on a regular basis, which is why recipe apps have become such a popular tool. These types of apps not only provide a few mealtime ideas but also enable you to eat well and discover new dishes.

Arguably the main factor behind the rise in these types of apps is down to their convenience, too. Most of the apps available can be downloaded within seconds, and they’re easy to grasp, and can be dipped in and out of, perhaps while you’re out shopping and searching for ingredients or if you’re in a local restaurant and want to remember the name of a dish.

It will come as a surprise to nobody to hear that food and technology have paired up well. If you look at TikTok or Instagram, food is one of the most popular topics. Even sites like casino.com have selections of modern food-themed slot games. But smartphones apps are also there to help us live better and make better choices, and that’s where recipe apps come in. With helpful step-by-step instructions and a range of nutritional advice, recipe apps enable someone to up their kitchen game and impress family and friends in the process.

If you’re in need of some inspiration in the kitchen, here is a look at some recipe apps which might come in handy. All of the apps featured are available on iOS and Android unless stated otherwise.


BBC Good Food – My favourite of the Trending Apps to Improve Mealtimes

A tried and tested resource used by many over the years, the BBC Good Food app serves up a selection of the finest recipes from the BBC Good Food team and a variety of celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay and Mary Berry. At the time of writing, the app has over 10,000 recipes to access, and you can save your favourites, rate recipes, and make use of the app’s hugely helpful step-by-step guides.


Oh She Glows –

Next time you’re tucking into a vegan cocktail, why not have some vegan grub alongside it? With over 260 vegan and gluten-free recipes, you certainly won’t be short on ideas with the Oh She Glows app. From butternut squash mac ‘n cheese to cheesy lentil bolognese casserole, the app offers a range of gorgeous plant-based recipes, which come with a short description, nutritional information, a list of tips, and a whole lot more. You can even do a specific search depending on any dietary requirements you or a visiting guest might have.




A helpful recipe manager app, Paprika lets you collate your favourite recipes from around the web in one tidy place. You can also create shopping lists, plan meals, save meal plans into menus, set cooking timers, and plenty more.






One of the most popular cooking apps around the world, the BigOven app offers an extensive selection of hundreds of thousands of recipes from a range of different cuisines. As well as discovering delicious dishes, you can also use the app to add snapshots of your recipes, make a grocery list, and share any creations easily thanks to its excellent shareable features. Arguably most impressive of all, though, is how you can type in three ingredients you have in your fridge, and then the app will come back to you with a few dish ideas.


Epicurious – Apps to Improve Mealtimes

Only available on iOS, Epicurious not only has a smooth interface that is easy to navigate, but it provides users with a range of stunning recipes, too. You can also manage your shopping lists, make use of voice-activated commands should you fancy cooking hands-free, and utilise its smart kitchen timer so you’ll always be in control.


I hope you have enjoyed exploring these trending apps to improve mealtimes – do you use any of them?


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