How To Enjoy a Gourmet BBQ This Summer with Half the Hassle

There is nothing better in the summer than being able to enjoy a gourmet BBQ. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather and to invite your friends to your home for some delicious food.

Now, if you are thinking about how you can host a fancier event, you may want to include a gourmet BBQ. Don’t worry, a gourmet BBQ doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead, you just need to think about what sort of foods you’re going to prepare and how you’re going to BBQ them in general.


Gourmet BBQ Chiminea

When we think about BBQs, you may think of a red or black iron pot with a grill on it. If you want to add a touch of class to your BBQ, you may want to consider buying a BBQ chiminea. Not only can you warm yourself up next to the chiminea, but a grill can be added to actually cook your food on it!

Keep in mind that if you plan on cooking with charcoal, you will need to have an iron or metal chiminea. A clay chiminea may end up getting too hot and could ultimately crack. However, you could also think about including a swivel grill to make sure it is easy to cook and remove once it is done.

A chiminea is the perfect addition to your garden when you have friends around. You can sit around it and keep warm.


Meal Kits

If you feel a bit unsure about what type of food you should buy for your gourmet BBQ, you may want to buy a gourmet meal kit to save you some time. In fact, you can have BBQ meal kits delivered directly to your door that contain a variety of delicious treats!

Some examples of the type of gourmet foods found in these meal kits include chargrilled ciabatta, Hasselback potatoes, , marinated tofu skewers, and smoked miso glazed skewers. This type of BBQ food has all been seasoned beautifully, and some sets even come with the option to add beers that have been brewed to suit the taste of the food perfectly.

Ordering a meal kit can take away the stress of having to cook an entire BBQ meal by yourself. It can simplify the cooking process and make sure that all of your guests know what is on the menu beforehand.


Simple but fancy gourmet BBQ foods

Honestly, the trick behind fancy food is to keep it simple but effective. Think carefully about the type of meat you are using and how you intend to season it. You could grill a quail after coating it in fragrant herbs. Quail is a very tender meat but has a far more sophisticated look to it when it comes to a gourmet BBQ.

Try and think carefully about the types of food you are going to put on the BBQ during your event. Combine them with spices that can have a lasting effect. Some examples of good food ideas that can be simple but effective include:

  • Plant based sliders, cheese and salt and pepper
  • Yoghurt-marinated tofu kebabs


Wine accompaniment 

Don’t forget that if you are going to have a gourmet BBQ in your garden, you need to think about the type of wine or drinks that you are going to pair it with.

Wine can help to enhance the palate and increase the number of flavours that are experienced when you eat. For instance, red wine tends to be a great accompaniment to mushorom steaks.

So, if you are thinking of your gourmet menu, make sure to think carefully about what drinks would best suit your food. You will also need to think about the tastes of your guests and what they enjoy. That way, you can make sure that everyone is happy during your gourmet BBQ event.

Are you ready to host a gourmet BBQ?

When you host a gourmet BBQ, you’re going to have a lot of preparations to make in order to ensure its success. Try and make things simple for yourself by looking up the best recipes and making sure your BBQ cooking tools are ready. That way, you can truly have a great event to be enjoyed by you and your friends.


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