Private Allergy Testing & How it Helps

Let’s take a look at private allergy testing and how it helps.

Many people know that certain foods make them feel rubbish and they have a rough indicator why and when this happens but it is vague and incomplete in its assessment and they cannot always quite pinpoint it.


Private Allergy Testing & How it Helps

Unsure what is wrong?

I know for a fact when I have had Chinese food at night my tummy bloats and I feel uncomfortable yet I have never ever done anything about this.

I would be embarrassed to go and see the doctor over such a minor thing and so I just avoid that food. Which is a crying shame because we are HUGE foodies as you can imagine and I used to love our Chinese takeaways and especially Spring rolls! But, I just daren’t.

A quick talk with my friends revealed a host of similar scenarios.

To be honest, I think bread doesn’t completely agree with me either but I love it and crave it constantly. If my tummy feels at all tender though, lovely warm crusty bread (I am drooling) is the very first thing I avoid.

I have left it unexplored and unexplained, my swollen painful tum, but I do wonder if really it is time I took a good look at how I reacted to certain foods. After all our health matters and if we do have food allergies however mild wouldn’t it be most helpful to know this?


Private Allergy Testing & How it Helps

Private Allergy Testing & How it Helps

Private allergy testing & how it helps

I do think that it might be a really good idea to try a home allergy test

If my bloated/uncomfortable tummy feelings are related to a food allergy it would be really good to know and a private allergy testing kit would be a good place to start.

Honestly it may just be that I overeat! ( I do like my food.) But I would like to know A homes allergy test would enable me start this process of investigation by doing a simple allergy blood test to detect what is wrong.


Allergy blood tests can detect Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in your blood. IgE is an antibody produced by the immune system in connection with a reaction to protect us from outside intruders such as parasites.


After that, if required, I would visit my doctor for next step support.

I do think it would be nice to know. I mean perhaps certain breads and certain Chinese food would be okay to eat, just not others? and I do so love my food it would be a real shame to avoid them if I did not have to.


Do you have any specific reactions to certain foods that make you feel uncomfortable? Have you ever done private allergy testing?


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