Create a personalised family cookbook filled with your own recipes

How would you like to create a personalised family  cookbook filled with your own recipes?

Create a personalised family cookbook



Well you can and it is actually really simple.

And oh my goodness what an heirloom – such a lovely way to keep gorgeous foodies memories alive.


How to create a personalised family cookbook

To get started, all you have to do is simply go to  and enter your name and email then select the personal option. Click on the Create My Cookbook Now! Button and get started creating your own cookbook.

Amazingly it is both simple and it is free to create a personalised family cookbook.

Once you have entered your treasured recipes online they can be shared with other family members by email, individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook (there is fee obviously for a printed version which varies according to quantity.)



Create a personalised family cookbook


Family & Friends can join in

You can make your cookbook as an individual project but youcan also make your family cookbook a collaborative experience by upgrading your account so that your family and friends can contribute too. You could turn this into a community or schools fundraising project if you wished to as well. Such a lovely way to gather up and share recipes.



A streamlined way to gather your recipes.

Where do you keep your recipes at the moment?

You might have stack of recipe cards, pages folded down in various recipe books, scraps of paper in drawers or recipes scribbled in old letters. You may have recipes on websites that you struggle to find when you need them. How wonderful would it be to gather all your favourites into one place?

A good declutter is so satisfying and being able to lay your hands on the recipe you want when you want it is just wonderful.

And, thank goodness, the Family Cookbook Project software is highly intuitive and user-friendly and can  automatically generate indexes, the table of contents and more. You will find this so easy to use


How to use your cook book

Well you can really make it bespoke, not only with your recipes but also because there are 100s of layout and cover options to choose from, and the ability to create your own as well. I love that their is a mobile app to support this so if you ever need to quickly access your recipe and ingredient list whilst out and about you can. How cool is that!


Here is the cover I designed in mere moments on the site


Create a personalised family cookbook



Why make a personalised family cookbook

Why make one? Well this such a fabulous way to preserve treasured memories and to make sure important recipes do not get lost with the passing of a loved one. What an heirloom. Such a gift for you to pass to your children as well as a great practical resource.

Why not pop over to the Family Cookbook Project today and start creating. this priceless family treasure – you will be so very pleased you have.



How to make a personalised family cookbook is a collaborative  post


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