The Zoom Gimlet Cocktail


I am so excited to present The Zoom Gimlet Cocktail.


Gimlet Cocktail

The Zoom Gimlet Cocktail

Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a Zoom cocktail party with friends or family not living in your household, we need cocktails that are simple to create; elegant; made from available ingredients; and delightful enough to remind us that better times will come.

First up on the Zoom-worthy Brocktails list is the easy-to-make and delicious Zoom Gimlet. You could even hare the recipe in advance of your virtual cocktail party so you can bond by all toasting one another’s health with the same drink.


Ingredients for the Zoom Gimlet

60ml Brockmans Gin

15ml Fresh lime juice (if possible or if need be used bottled lime juice – not cordial)

7 – 15ml Sugar syrup

Lime twist to garnish



Start by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Then add the Brockmans Gin, freshly squeezed lime and sugar syrup into a shaker with a handful of ice and stir. Strain into a stemmed, chilled glass and serve with a lime twist.


To buy

The good news is that you can buy Brockmans Gin from its own online Shop and during April the brand is forgoing all profits from this outlet and donating monies from sales to the organisation, Meals for the NHS, supplying meals to fuel the valiant front-line health workers.


The gin is discounted to £28; postage costs for April are waived; and the company will donate either £6 or £10 for each bottle sold, depending on which package you opt for.

#StayHomeSaveLives   @BrockmansGin


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