How Brands Can Work with Food Bloggers

Have you ever wondered how brands can work with food bloggers?

I have been writing Eat Simply for about 4 years now (I actually had the idea for it on a food bloggers trip to River Cottage when I was not actually a food blogger at all!)

Each month the UK food bloggers get indexed and I am currently ranked at number 12. I love doing collaborations with my blog with various brands and am often asked what these involved so I thought I’d give you a run through today of some of the ways I work with brands and earn money from my food blog plus some useful tips for brands who are aching to work with great food bloggers


Top tips on how brands can work with food bloggers

If you were a brand wanting to work with food bloggers UK based here are some ways that can have a real impact to you getting your brand onto some fabulous food blogs.

Foodies 100

Taking a look at the monthly update foodies index ( which you can see in my sidebar) will give you and idea of who is currently top of their game. I am so proud to rank among the top of the UK food bloggers

The Get Blogged marketplace

The Get Blogged Marketplace can help brands achieve their goals faster too as it will help them link up quickly with well established and successful food bloggers. As a food blogger myself I have worked with get Blogged on hundreds of campaigns over the years and they are wonderful to work with.

Get Blogged have such a wide range of bloggers linked up to working with them every brand will be able to find what they are looking for. Some bloggers and niche some broad, some like recipe development some like to re do reviews. It is a wonderful, high quality eclectic mix – all served with a dollop of foodie love

I have written a fair few foodie posts with Get Blogged and through their marketplace and it is a great experience. They seamlessly match brands to the right bloggers and the whole process is simple and straightforward. It works well for both blogger and brand.



Food Blogger Reviews

Oh what self respecting foodie doesn’t love to review a restaurant or a hamper containing delicious food.

Well I for one love to do a review but brands seriously I do need compensating for my time as an hours work for a lovely packet of crisps is not a fair exchange. now if you are talking about tea tat the Ritz in exchange for a review that is a different matter completely. And if you want to send me abroad to try out the food and report in then I am your food blogger!


Guest posting

I love to host recipes written buy other people – not only does it give my busy typing fingers a rest it also adds variety/diversity to the recipes on my blog and I think this makes it interesting for my readers. I am also happy to write sponsored posts around certain dishes or types of food or anything at all to do with food really linking to related brands


How best to work with food bloggers

Now we have had a look at some of the ways brands and bloggers can work together  here is how I think brands can get the best out of collaborations with bloggers. If it were a cake ( you know how I love a cake)  I would say these were the key required ingredients:

  • Clear instructions from the start about requirements, expectations, budget
  • Realistic goals
  • Polite friendly communication
  • Clear process of payment

It’s not much to ask but it is so important these things are in place . I have had brands change expectations after the work has been done and even try and change the budget!

How Brands Can Work with Food Bloggers

My 5 favourite food blogs

Food blogs are awesome they really are nothing makes me hungrier or more inspired. Here are my 5 fave – do check them out on Instagram

Lush vegan food at Thinly Spread

Kate Veggie Desserts gives us some lovely veggie pud ideas

Simple, easy recipes from Fuss Free Flavours

Beautiful bakes from The Baking Explorer

Lots of lovely bread based treats at The Yum Blog


How Brands Can Work with Food Bloggers


So there you go my whistle stop tour of how brands can work with food bloggers – I do hope you have found it useful. And if you are looking for content creation then hop on over to 101 Training – 101 Training for PR and Content Creators for stellar support!


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