Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner are simple really.

Christmas can be somewhat of a dilemma for vegetarians, not to mention the Christmas chef. But there’s no need for the non-meat eaters amongst us to feel left out when the turkey and trimmings are served.

There are lots of tasty alternatives around which means that vegetarians can still enjoy a meal that is in keeping with the traditional notion of a Christmas dinner, while eliminating the risk of being served an unappealing slab of turkey-flavoured tofu to accompany the roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts!


Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

Starters – Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

A vegetarian starter doesn’t have to be only for vegetarians. In fact, there are some particularly delicious dishes that will silence even the snootiest carnivorous foodie! Truffled parsnip and and Parmesan bruschetta is particularly impressive, as is fresh rosemary and mushroom pate.

If you prefer something a little lighter, soup is always popular, served with a selection of warm crusty bread rolls. Try this mascarpone and mushroom recipe for a restaurant quality offering.


Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner


Main Courses – Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds for a meat-free entree is, of course, the ubiquitous nut roast. Okay –it’s not particularly original, or inspiring, but nut roast has come a long way in recent years, and it can actually be incredibly tasty; Jamie Oliver has a particularly yummy recipe. Nut roast also fits in really well with the rest of the traditional Christmas table if there is only one vegetarian eating.

If that’s not tickling your taste buds then what about a veggie wellington, or even a vegetarian haggis? The Macsween family in Scotland have been winning awards for their haggis for the last 50 years, and their vegetarian haggis is legendary! When it comes to the trimmings don’t forget about a suitable gravy, and of course roast potatoes are not vegetarian if they have been cooked in goose fat.

Desserts – Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

Vegetarian suet is easy to come by so Christmas pudding is still firmly on the menu. If your tastes run to the more exotic, then you really are spoilt for choice. Spiced pears poached in port or mulled wine are a great festive offering. Or to give your Christmas table a European flavour, why not try this recipe for layered panettone and ricotta pudding, from world-renowned Italian chef Antonio Carluccio’s recipe for layered panettone and ricotta pudding. And you probably can’t go wrong with a Bailey’s chocolate cheesecake.

Or how about this vegan knickerbocker glory it has Christmas written all over it !



Final thoughts on Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner

If you’re still struggling for inspiration for Vegetarian Alternatives for Christmas Dinner, try one of the many online cookery resources. If you are buying ready-prepared dishes, supermarkets and independent stores offer a vast array of mouth-watering vegetarian offerings to suit every taste and budget.


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