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Today – Time saving food hacks

One of my favourite time saving food hacks is to prep lunch for the next day the evening before. Making a salad the night before for my OH to take to work is always a speedy little job I do whilst making the kids tea (Don’t worry he does plenty of other jobs in the house!)


Time Saving Food Hacks


Time saving food hacks

I like to layer it up in  jar so it looks fabulous and squeezed a little lemon juice in it to give it a little zing. The colours are just beautiful and the clear glass allows them to totally show themselves off!  He will often take leftover lasagne or a potato with him to pop in the microwave at work but pretty always takes a salad and leftovers of some kind

Pepping food the night before whilst I am cooking and messing up the whole kitchen anyway is well worth doing.   I tend to make the kids sandwiches for their pack lunches the previous teatime too and then just pop them in the fridge. I add fruit and drinks and a little muffin to their pack up bags then too. This means in the morning all I have left to do is add salad and sandwiches to the various bags.

It keeps my mornings relaxed and calm and the kitchen relatively mess free. As this is where I work that’s pretty important to me.

What are your time saving food hacks?


P.S I know lots of parents are looking to cook simple speedy meals – do pop over to my Simple Parenting blog for some fab recipes

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