The Magic Coffee Recipe – Without an Espresso machine

The Magic Coffee recipe is fairly straightforward, but not a lot of people have all the kit you need to make one at home. Thanks to Barista & Co  for this fab feature!

There are two things you will need. Firstly, and we’re pretty sure most people have one of these, you’ll need a cafetiere… But this isn’t to make coffee with. This is to make your silky smooth frothy milk!

Pour 120ml of milk into your cafetiere and start pumping the plunger up and down. This will create the desired texture for a Magic Coffee. To heat the milk, remove the glass beaker from the cafetiere’s base and place it in the microwave. It will take 45-60 seconds depending on your microwave. Ensure your beaker is microwave safe and remove any metal or plastic elements before heating.

Now your milk is ready, you’ll need to make your coffee. To make a short, strong coffee at home without an espresso machine, you’ll need a pressurised filter brewer such as a Twist Press. Follow the step by step instructions on your brewer using around 20g of ground coffee to 70g of hot water. This will be your coffee base.

The final step is the same whether you’ve got an espresso machine or not! Pour your hot, frothy milk into the Twist Press coffee you’ve just made. Now take a sip of your at-home Magic Coffee recipe and enjoy.


Magic Coffee Recipe

Magic Coffee Recipe with an Espresso Machine

To make a Magic Coffee at home, you need to use a darker roasted coffee to pull a Ristretto shot. Weigh 16g of espresso ground coffee into your portafilter cradle and start pulling an espresso shot, but stop the shot once you’ve got 18g-20g of coffee in your glass. If you’re going by time rather than weight, you’ll stop the shot at around 15 seconds.

Then pour 120ml of whole milk (your favourite alternative milk will also work) into a stainless steel milk pitcher. Lower your steam wand around 1.5cm into the milk, holding the pitcher at an angle, and begin steaming. The aim is to achieve silky smooth milk, exactly like the milk you would make for a flat white. Listen out for slight paper tearing sounds and lower the steam wand below the surface of the milk once the desired amount of aeration has been achieved. Turn off the steam once the desired temperature has been reached.


Magic Coffee Recipe


Now it’s just a case of combining these two elements. Hold your glass containing your Ristretto in one hand and your milk pitcher in the other. From a height, begin pouring your milk. As you pour, lower the jug and create your coffee art! Traditionally, Magic Coffee recipe is served with a tulip pattern but you can be as creative as you



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