Grow Your Own Organic Edible Fresh Flowers

Tips for growing edible fresh flowers & plants from kitchen garden expert, Huw Richards

Almost half of Brits (44 percent)  will plant and grow fruit and vegetables in their gardens this season. With Chelsea Flower Show taking place this week, Huw Richards, kitchen gardener, author and permaculture expert gives his advice on growing edible flowers.

Whilst strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes are the top three fruits and vegetables people are growing in their gardens this year,  edible flowers are also popular according to the YouGov research for Readly digital magazine and newspaper app.


Edible Fresh Flowers

Growing your own Edible Fresh Flowers

Huw Richards, gardener, author and Readly gardening expert gives seven tricks for growing your own Edible Fresh Flowers

  1. Choose Varieties that thrive in your environment. Here in the UK, nasturtiums, pansies, borage, calendula, dahlia, cornflower and even roses (yes really!). These flowers are not only beautiful but also add a delightful flavour to your dishes.
  2. Always start with quality soil: Prepare a well-draining soil mix enriched with organic matter to provide a nourishing base for your edible flowers. They also love to bask in full sun whenever possible.
  3. Think of your whole garden and important pollinators! Plant edible flowers alongside herbs and vegetables in your garden. This not only maximises space but also creates a beneficial ecosystem that supports pollinators and deters pests.
  4. Harvest at the right time: Harvest your edible flowers when they are fully open but before they start to wilt. The flavour and appearance are usually best during this stage. Be sure to remove any green parts or sepals before consuming.
  5. Be adventurous with your dishes! Add edible flowers to salads, desserts, cocktails, or as garnishes to elevate the visual appeal of your dishes. Be adventurous and experiment with different flavour combinations to elevate your culinary experiences. (take look here for a great list of edible flower desserts)
  6. Grow a herb garden to complement your edible flowers such as chives, rosemary, thyme, mint, coriander, basil and fennel. These are also fantastic for attracting beneficial insects.
  7. Eat vegetable flowers! Squash, radish, leeks, broad beans, pea, runner beans, kale and purple sprouting broccoli are all extra edible flowers to enjoy eating.


A list of edible fresh flowers – 15 fabulous florals

  1. Danelions
  2. Nasturtums
  3. Pansies
  4. Ropses
  5. Lavender
  6. Boarge
  7. Calendula
  8. Chamomile
  9.  Marigold
  10. Sunflower
  11. Clover
  12. Tulip
  13. Cherry Blossom
  14. Dahlia
  15. Tulips

(You can see more details on how to use these flowers here)

Edible Fresh Flowers


When it comes to time invested in kitchen gardening this year, almost one in ten people (8 percent) believe they will spend 6-8 hours a week in their garden. A third (22 percent) will spend 1-2 hours or 3-5 hours (30 percent) each week.

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