The Veggie Salad Bowl

,The Veggie Salad Bowl

I was delighted to be sent a fabulous selection of veggie cookbooks this week from The Book People to review google voor windows 10.

I will showcase them in all time because they are all so fabulous.

One of them was The Veggie Salad Bowl a lovely hardback vegetarian cookbook packed with over 60 delicious and eclectic veggie and vegan salads amazon mp3 lieder herunterladen. Oh my goodness, they all look so scrumptious. I tried my hand at a mushroom, goats cheese and lentil salad and it was absolutely delicious I have to tell you herunterladen.

Puy lentils  are so good for you too and it was power packed with good healthy ingredients

This was such a simple dish but it was absolutely a taste sensation herunterladen.

I cannot wait to try more from the book. I predict it will be well used.


the veggie salad bowl


We ate this lovely warm salad with sweet potatoes and an avocado dip and it filled us for hours herunterladen. Just what you need in the chillier months, warm and filling food.

Don’t great cookbooks make the best gift idea for a food lover? So many hours of pleasure where to download music for free.

The Veggie Salad Bowl is the amazing price of just £3.99 I will be stocking up on a few of these as Christmas gifts for sure 3d druck herunterladen!



You can check out more of my lentil recipes here and my artichoke heart salad here

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