Jazz Apple Smoothie Breakfast Bowl with Toasted Hazelnuts

Have you ever tried an apple smoothie breakfast bowl?

You know I have been saying I have had an abundance of apples this year well not only have they been making delicious puds like these baked apples but I have also been using them in my breakfast.


Apple Smoothie Breakfast Bowl


INGREDIENTS for Apple Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

1 Jazz apple
2 tbsp oats
120g frozen blackberries
½ banana
200ml milk or dairy alternative
2 knobs of stem ginger, plus 30ml of syrup
20g toasted hazelnuts, chopped
A handful of fresh raspberries to decorate


METHOD for Apple Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

  1. Remove the core from the apple and cut in half. Peel one half and leave skin on the other. Roughly chop the peeled apple and finely slice the half with the skin on’
  2. Add the peeled apple, oats, frozen blackberries, banana, milk, ginger and syrup to a blender and blitz until smooth
  3. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and decorate with apple slices, toasted hazelnuts and rapsberries



I do hope you enjoyed this lovely Apple Smoothie Breakfast Bowl idea you can check out lots more recipes like this over at Easy British apple Recipes (britishapplesandpears.co.uk)



The Apple Tree  by Edgar Albert Guest

When an apple tree is ready
for the world to come and eat,
There isn’t any structure
in the land that’s “got it beat.”
There’s nothing man has builded
with the beauty or the charm
That can touch the simple grandeur
of the monarch of the farm.
There’s never any picture
from a human being’s brush
That has ever caught the redness
of a single apple’s blush.


There’s the promise of the apples,
red and gleaming in the sun,
Like the medals worn by mortals
as rewards for labors done;
And the big arms stretched wide open,
with a welcome warm and true In a way that sets you thinking
it’s intended just for you.
There is nothing with a beauty
so entrancing, so complete,
As an apple tree that’s ready
for the world to come and eat.


And there’s more …

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