How to organize the perfect winter dinner party

 winter dinner party


The winter period, with its shorter and colder days, is the perfect time to host the perfect winter dinner party  and get-togethers with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. Although it might seem like something challenging, organizing a perfect winner dinner party can be easy, especially if you follow a few useful tips.

There are many options available, from simple and inexpensive to more complex and expensive: it is up to you to choose the one that might be best for your needs and your guests.

Choose the perfect dinner style for your winter dinner party

The first thing to do is to select the style of your winter dinner. You can arrange a standing dinner, which is certainly more informal, or serve a multi-course menu to be enjoyed sitting around the table. Nowadays, for example, hiring a chef at home to organize a dinner show is certainly an interesting and trendy option.

Otherwise, if you wish to impress your guests, you can also rely on a theme. For example, you can choose a movie-themed dinner, opt for a cosy chilli-bar or, why not, decide to have a pizza party. If you have vegan guests, do not  forget to prepare some delicious meat-free meal.

Make a guest list some days in advance for your winter dinner party

A winter dinner should be characterized by an intimate atmosphere, so that guests can chat and have a pleasant, convivial experience. Therefore, it would be best to avoid extending an invitation to too many people. In any case, it is crucial for the success of the winter dinner to send invitations a little in advance and to add an RSVP. This way, you will know the number of guests, and this will contribute to better and more efficient organization.

Your dinner invitation can be a printed card or a digital one, sent by e-mail or WhatsApp. The former is certainly the best option if you want to organize a more formal winter dinner or give it a special allure, while the latter is certainly practical and suitable for informal dinners. Anyway, don’t forget to send your invitation at least one week in advance and to add your personal touch.

What to serve at a winter dinner party

Planning a menu could be challenging. To make things easier, you can serve some tasty dishes to prepare a day before the winter dinner, but also keep in mind that some meals, such as fried food, will have to be freshly made.

A winter menu should include seasonal foods. Therefore, roasts and soups can be a great idea. Also, to make your dinner even more special, take care of the presentation of the dishes and carefully choose decorations for your table. Candles, glass jars, pine branches and pinecones are among the best options that can be combined with all kinds of mise en place.

Dazzle your guest with a winter cocktail at your winter dinner party

There is nothing better than welcoming guests with a warm winter cocktail. For example, you can prepare a hot toddy, the most popular hot drink, a mix with seasonal fruit or simply opt for a mulled wine to be customized with some spices.

You can serve the cocktails already poured into each glass or organize a bar with a drink jar dispenser for guests. Don’t forget to prepare some nibbles as well. For a winter dinner, you can delight the palate of your guests with a toast Skagen, a Swedish snack with bread and shrimps, blue cheese tarts or a cheese plate with dips and gravies. A great idea, loved by the little ones too, are crab and corn fritters or plain crackers with cream cheese and fruits.

Oh and make sure you avoid these dinner party faux pas whilst hosting!


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