How to Create a Glamorous Picnic Basket

Creating a glamorous picnic basket starts first of all with the basket. This is the first thing you see when you use the basket at your picnic, and as they say first impressions last the longest!


Glamorous Picnic basket

The Glamorous Picnic basket itself

Presumably, one wants to create a glamorous basket for a special occasion picnic. It is therefore perhaps not too much to ask to buy a really good quality basket with good finish instead of trying to dolly up a used one that is stained and starting to disintegrate. There are numerous baskets for sale and the style depends on personal taste and the number of people it has to serve.

A basket that is too large is just as much of a problem than one that is too small. Think about transport as well. Will it fit easily into the boot of the car? Are the handles sufficiently sturdy so that the basket and its contents can be carried for a while without them tearing out? Does the lid stay put when opened or does it tend to fall closed again? Is the basket not too deep or too shallow?


Outer decoration

Once you have selected the basket, add some decorations to the outside. It can be a discreet satin ribbon tied to the handle, or a fresh flower of two, or it can be a handful of balloons. Anything that suits the occasion and sets the mood. If you have time and the inclination, weave some coloured strands of raffia or twine in a pattern of your choice through the side panels. It makes your basket unique and allows you to express your personal creativity. Avoid decorations that will impede the handling of the basket.


Inside your glamorous picnic basket

Having created anticipation of something special, opening the basket must take the breath away!

Start by lining the basket and the inside of the lid with something like shimmering gold or silver organza. Things that shine and look like precious metals are subconsciously associated with wealth, luxury and glamour.

Tie small bells into the folds of the organza so that it tinkles with every movement. If you really want to make an effort, put the basket down (at your picnic) so that the sun will shine directly into it when you open it. Experience an explosion of pleasure as the organza dances with little points of light!

The drink should ideally be cold champagne, but whatever it is, buy the best you can afford and tie something around the neck. A small dainty seashell, a tiny posy of flowers, a clutch of colourful beads, whatever strikes your fancy. The glasses also should be the best you have and needlessly to say, spotlessly clean. Wrap each glass in a soft serviette. Do not forget the corkscrew.

The food is up to you, but again make sure that pates and cheeses are cool, biscuits are crisp, bread is soft, butter is spreadable but not running, and so forth. All the cutlery and plates should be the best you can afford, clean, and provide a plastic bag into which you can put the dirty stuff so that the inside of the basket remains clean.

For dessert, get some really good chocolate in fancy wrappers. Chocolate is also associated with luxury and glamour and it is simpler to pack than elaborate puddings and cakes.

Let your mind go and you will discover that there is a glamorous picnic  basket for every occasion.


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