5 Hangover Cure Dishes

, The Bottle Club  have discovered 5 Hangover Cure Dishes – are you ready?

Based on the foods that will help our bodies recover – these are 5 easy eats for before and after the big game to avoid that dreaded hangover, courtesy of The Bottle Club team:

  1. Avocado toast

Avocado is full of potassium that will usually need replenishing after a night out drinking. Avocados will help boost energy and are full of nutrients that help keep a healthy digestive system – you may just want to pass on too many chilli seeds whilst your stomach recovers from the night before. Toast is also always a safe option for a hangover and potentially sensitive belly. You might also like my avocado smoothies recipe


Hangover Cure Dishes


  1. A bagel with peanut butter 

Most types of bread are a good go-to for a hangover. A bagel is a great source of carbohydrates that are needed to boost energy levels, as well as protein that helps replenish amino acids lost whilst drinking. Some may opt for a simple buttered bagel but if you are going for a topping and avocado isn’t your thing, then natural peanut butter may be the way to go. It is a well-known way to help a hangover – why?

Your magnesium levels can deplete quickly with excessive alcohol consumption. Nuts are a great source of magnesium and, though it should be eaten in moderation, peanut butter is quite high in calories so can give you the boost in energy we feel we so desperately need during a hangover.

  1. An egg wrap – Hangover Cure Dishes

Eggs are one of the best sources of nutrients you need to replenish to keep your gut happy and healthy after a night of heavy drinking. They are rich in cysteine which is an amino acid that our bodies use to help produce antioxidants which in turn help ease the symptoms of hangovers.

Eggs also contain high levels of protein needed for energy, whilst being low in calories. You do want to make sure you eat a good amount of calories to get over a hangover, but eggs are a great remedy for those wanting to avoid a high level of carbs.


Hangover Cure Dishes


  1. Banana oat pancakes

Oats may be one of the best foods to help a hangover – they are full of fibre and protein which will help ease your hangover symptoms. Oat pancakes are a great and pretty simple hangover treat to make yourself.

If you have honey in, this would make for an especially good topping to help cure a hangover as it contains nutrients that essentially neutralise the presence of alcohol in your system thanks to its high level of fructose. Honey will also help heal your digestion if you find your stomach is worse for wear after a night of supporting the squad.


  1. Jacket sweet potato

Sweet potato is great for both a hangover and also before you start drinking. They are full of potassium and complex carbohydrates that contain molecules that take longer to break down than many other foods – meaning they can soak up the alcohol and leave you feeling fresher in the morning. Add your favourite topping and your good to go for the night.


Top tip: Grab a back of nuts before your big night out. Nuts are full of magnesium, depleted in alcohol consumption, and can help with your hangover when the kitchen feels too far away.


To drink? 

Pear and/or grape juice has been shown to help avoid headaches and reduce the intensity of hangovers compared to drinking water.


Thanks to the The Bottle Club  for this great feature on Hangover Cure Dishes


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