Budget Picnic Hacks

Are you looking for some Budget Picnic Hacks? Cash-strapped Brits are being offered tips on how to enjoy a picnic for half the price ahead of the summer holidays.


The penny-pinching experts at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk have shared a list of unique ways to help families enjoy a budget-friendly outdoor meal.




Budget Picnic Hacks


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Budget Picnic Hacks

With the recent rise in food prices, those looking to save extra cash can benefit from going DIY with a picnic blanket and making homemade dips.


Here are NetVoucherCodes’s top tips to save money on a picnic:



Wrap it up


For some people sandwiches are getting boring and they want something different. Making chicken salad wraps or opting for crunchy tuna may be the way to go, with a pack of large wraps typically costing less than a quid.



Batch cooking


If you love cooking big portions in one go for the week, it’s a good idea to bring the goods out to a picnic as a filling dish. Instead of buying pricey fillings for sandwiches, using this easy hack will help save those extra pennies.



Make your own dips


A start of a culinary journey – making your own ‘chips and dip’. A delicious homemade sour cream dip can take just over 20 minutes with only a small amount of ingredients needed. Bringing your own dip won’t only impress people, but it’ll also save those extra pennies.



Budget Picnic Hacks


A bag of potatoes


When people ask, “If you have to pick one food to eat forever, what would it be?” around 8/10 pick potatoes as it’s the most versatile choice. You can get creative with a bag of potatoes for a picnic, from dauphinoise potatoes to baking a simple crisp.



Go on a Monday


If you like to cook a Sunday roast, a great idea would be to organise a picnic for a Monday afternoon. This way, you can bring the leftover meat and pack them into sandwiches, instead of having to fork out over different meats and fillings.



Bring a jug of juice


You’ll be surprised by how pricey providing drinks at a picnic can be. Fill a large jug with juice and leave it in the fridge the night before to keep family and friends refreshed for a low price.



DIY picnic blankets


Making a homemade picnic blanket with the family can make the outing even more exciting. Get a thick durable fabric, some straight pins and get sewing.



Nip into a supermarket for yellow stickers


If you decide to set up your picnic near a supermarket, head inside and hunt for reduced labels to quickly stash inside the picnic basket!



Keep the leftovers

After you’ve all enjoyed a picnic in the park, bring some Tupperware to pack up the leftovers which could be used as part of dinner or even a tasty snack for the evening.


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