20 simple pumpkin recipes

Today – 20 simple pumpkin recipes

It is super sad to say goodbye to those sunny summer days but ah the fall months have a place in my heart too.

One of the very nicest things about Autumn /Fall is the fashions, layers, cuddly sweaters big cosy coats and of course a great pair of boots.

I like to feel a slight chill in the air and watch the leaves turn red and gold and yellow and flutter to the ground.

I like Guy Fawkes Night and fireworks here in the UK too and the simple soup and bake potatoes we eat as watch the dancing fires.

Rosy cheeks, nature crafts and pale blue skies.

Just beautiful.



20 simple pumpkin recipes

One of my absolute favourite things about Fall though is pumpkins. I just absolutely adore them. I love decorating them, picking them and oh eating them, of course, is high up there too!

Here are a host of fabulous Pumpkin recipes for you to enjoy. Do let me know if you have a go at any of them or indeed if you have any recipes to share with me!

Happy autumn everyone….


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